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Transportation Inspiration

by chrislucas on 31 March, 2014

Ask any Bathonian and they’ll tell you that their biggest complaint about the city generally falls under one category: transport! 50,000 cars enter the city every weekday meaning traffic jams, noise and pollution are all on the increase. In fact, according to the latest study, the number of cars on our roads is set to […]

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Hullabaloo about HS2…

by chrislucas on 29 January, 2013

Regular readers of my blog will remember that a couple of years ago I blogged about the then HS2 consultation and broadly came out in favour of the proposals ( Since then, there has been a lot of discussion about the plans – in particular the proposed routes – and in that time the ‘No’s […]

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Slower than a locomotive…

by chrislucas on 29 December, 2011

As of 11 December 2011, the new Metropolitan Line timetable has come in to effect. London Underground Limited (LUL) took it upon themselves to withdraw all off-peak fast services to and from Moor Park and as a result, all off-peak trains now stop at every stop in and out of London. This is not only an […]

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What Shall We Do About HS2…?

by chrislucas on 2 March, 2011

This week the Government launched its consultation on a proposed second High Speed Rail line (HS2). The Government wants to provide a super fast train service (up to 300km/190m per hour) from London to Birmingham with the view to extend the line to cities in the north of England and Scotland. The trouble is that […]

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