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The Budget 2014 – Lib Dem Win!

by chrislucas on 23 March, 2014

At the last election, one of the Liberal Democrats’ flagship policies was to give low and middle earners a £700 tax cut by raising the point at which people start paying income tax to £10,000. I’m proud to say that as of next month, we will have not just delivered on that policy but surpassed it! Nobody will pay income tax on the first £10,500 that they earn. Around 37,000 people in Bath could receive the tax cut, which means an extra £100 back in the pockets of local people. This means the total Lib Dem tax cut will be worth £800 a year!  You may recall during the Leaders’ Debates, David Cameron famously said: “We can’t afford it!” and Gordon Brown couldn’t dare to even think about tax cuts after the mess he made of the economy. The Liberal Democrats were the only party that had this policy of cutting tax for millions of workers whilst at the same time taking the lowest paid out of tax altogether. We campaigned for it, we fought for it and now the Liberal Democrats in Government have made it happen. #strongereconomy #fairersociety.

Budget 2014 - Lib Dems Tax Cut DELIVERED!

Budget 2014 – Lib Dems’ Tax Cut DELIVERED!

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